PE Protective Film for Aluminium Profiles Surface Protection Tape

Short Description:

  1. easy to unwind and apply;
  2. high level of protection against dirt and damage;
  3. waterproof;
  4. fine adhesive capacity;
  5. easy to remove without a trace
  6. can make logo or pattern on the film surface.

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Haoen’s Aluminum Profile Protection Film acts as a barrier of protection for your aluminum profile from damage during transportation, storage, processing and installation processes.It is mainly used for surface protection of aluminum alloy coating sections, heat tinting sections, oxidation polishing sections, plastic profiles, plastic steel door and window profiles etc.

Aluminium Profiles Surface Protective Film have 3 features:

1.Stable adhesive strength.

2.excellent weather ability, UV resistance and anti-aging ability.

3.Leave no residue glue after peeling off.


Provide a protective barrier to scratch, mark, damage and dirt at the process of cutting, drilling, milling, transportation and installation.
Base Material
Polyethylene (PE)
Water-based acrylic glue
Transparent, blue, milky white, black and white, green and so on.
30-150 microns
Recommend Thickness
60/70/80/110 microns
50-2000 mm
Recommend Width
50-500 m
Recommend Length
300m, 450m, 500m
180˚ Peel Strength
80-500 g/25mm
Widely used
145g/25mm, 175g/25mm
Tensile Strength
Trasv> 8N/25mm
Longi> 15N/25mm
Trasv> 300%
Longi> 180%
Up to 3 colors


Product Features

• Eco-fiendly,healthy.

• Flexible,easy to paste.

• Protect the surface of good from damage.

• No air bubbles,no crease during usage.

• Easy to peel without any residue.

• Can print Logo,company name in different colors on the Aluminum protective film.


Product Application


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