Auto collision crash wrap with 90 day UVI protection

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• For use in covering up and securing your vehicle in a variety of temporary storage conditions.

• Use to protect exposed areas on damaged vehicles against the elements – indoor or outdoor.

• Lock out dust, rain, snow, wind and more from ruining expensive, intact interiors.

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Haoen's collision wrap is made of a tough, flexible, self- adhesive, clear plastic film that is used to prevent additional deterioration in vehicle or other equipment that have been in a crash or are otherwise damaged which may be temporarily open to the elements.

Collision Wrap allows the user to quickly and easily cover damaged areas with a water tight and UV resistant plastic film barrier.

It is used to seal broken windows and sprung doors and protect the interior of customer cars.

It can also be stick on clean and dry surfaces such as metal, glass, or plastic, and to interior surfaces and fabrics.

Multiple size options of plastic wrap are available.

The colored tint makes it easier to see and any markings visible.


Name: collision wrap film
Thickness: 3mil, 3.5 mil, 4 mil5mil or other customized thickness
Width: 18”, 24”, 36”, and 48”
Leng of the roll: 100’ to 300’
Color: Transparentblue or other colors
Application: protect car interiors from situations such as: rain, dirty,snow, over-spray, scrapes, transportation damage


1.SUPER STICKY ADHESIVE- The strong adhesive on this plastic collision crash wrap lasts up to 45 days, keeping your car firmly sealed. No more falling or getting blown off!

2.PUNCTURE/ TEAR RESISTANT DESIGN- ensure superior strength that keeps your vehicle safely sealed.   This crash wrap for cars is tough enough to securely keep rain, dust, snow, mud and more out of your vehicle.

3.CHUNKY THICK MATERIAL--this plastic car window cover lets you keep your car tightly sealed to safely protect the vehicle interior.

4.EASY TO REMOVE-simply cut and peel off with minimal effort when it's time for the wrap to be removed

5.USE IT ANYWHERE YOU NEED----Not just for cars, this collision wrap is also great for houses, doors, motor homes and anywhere else that needs sealing up tight!

6.90-DAY UVI PROTECTION----- protect your vehicle's interior and exterior from sun damage and weather damage while it awaits repair.


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    2.Thickness, width and length can be customized
    Thickness: 25mic -150micron
    Width: 200mm-2000mm
    Length: 20-2000m


    3.Customized Adhesion

     Adhesive Strength

    Application scope

    Extra High

    Carpet, automobile carpet, dull painted aluminum profile, coarse sand blasted profile etc.


    laminate of matte finish, aluminum lastic composite panel, coated aluminum sheet of matte finish, coated stainless steel panel of matte finish etc.


    galvanized aluminum sheet, mill polished stainless steel, mill finished aluminum sheet, artificial marble, plastic steel profile etc.


    Polyester furniture board, smooth aluminum, tile ,coated metal sheet of gloss finish, surface of air-conditioner and various home appliances’ surface etc.


    PVC sheet,ABS sheet, Mirrored steel plate, anodized aluminum, plastic board and many more products of high gloss surface etc.
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