Anti-UV Protection Film for Window Glass and Frames

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Window Protection Film is a polyethylene film coated with a removable adhesive. Protects windows and glass from damage, scratch and dirty. Protective film rolls can also be used to keep windows safe and secure during construction or renovation.

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Haoen’s Window Protection Film acts as a barrier of protection for your windows from various elements.

It is mainly used to protect glass from scratches, damage  and dirt during transportation and installation. It protects for up to 60 days with clean removal, leaving no residue behind.

● Various sizes and colors are available for customers to choose from.

● Holes and lines can be customized for easy tear and cut.

● Anti-UV function can be customized.


Usage Provide a protective barrier to scratch, mark, damage and dirt at the process of cutting, transportation and installation.
Base Material Polyethylene (PE)
Glue Water-based acrylic glue
Color Transparent, blue, white, black and white, green and so on.
Thickness 30-150 microns Recommend Thickness 40/50/80/90/100 microns
Width 100-1800 mm Recommend Width 600mm, 1200mm
Length 15-1000 m Recommend Length 50/100 m
180˚ Peel Strength 10-500 g/25mm Widely used 25/90/110 g/25mm
Tensile Strength Trasv> 8N/25mmLongi> 15N/25mm
Elongation Trasv> 300%Longi> 180%
Print Up to 3 colors


for glass

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    2.Thickness, width and length can be customized
    Thickness: 25mic -150micron
    Width: 200mm-2000mm
    Length: 20-2000m


    3.Customized Adhesion

     Adhesive Strength

    Application scope

    Extra High

    Carpet, automobile carpet, dull painted aluminum profile, coarse sand blasted profile etc.


    laminate of matte finish, aluminum lastic composite panel, coated aluminum sheet of matte finish, coated stainless steel panel of matte finish etc.


    galvanized aluminum sheet, mill polished stainless steel, mill finished aluminum sheet, artificial marble, plastic steel profile etc.


    Polyester furniture board, smooth aluminum, tile ,coated metal sheet of gloss finish, surface of air-conditioner and various home appliances’ surface etc.


    PVC sheet,ABS sheet, Mirrored steel plate, anodized aluminum, plastic board and many more products of high gloss surface etc.
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